My Hero Academia Smash Rising

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Official video game for My Hero Academia


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My Hero Academia Smash Rising (Smash Tap) is an official video game inspired by the popular eponymous manganime. Follow along on the adventures of Midoriya as hundreds of levels teeming with baddies for you to defeat. Lucky for you, you get some help from other characters on your way.

Control systems in My Hero Academia Smash Rising are well adapted to touchscreens. Tapping your screen and swiping your fingertip in any direction has your character moving about as you guide them though level after level. In order to attack, all you have to do is tap in your enemy's direction. Plus, using special skills is easy. But, use precaution in order to time your tap appropriately when launching your attacks.

Starting out, you'll get two different characters to choose from, including Midoriya. But, that doesn't mean you'll be at a lack of characters to choose from, as you make your way past each level you'll find there's tons of new characters to unlock -- all your favorites from the My Hero Academia manganime series.

My Hero Academia Smash Rising is an excellent 3D action game that you can either opt to play solo, or with other online friends. Its graphics are outstanding.
By Nelson de Benito

Android 4.2 or higher required.